Welcome to my world


Hello, my name is Mika and this is my blog. I created because I love fashion, I am passionate about!I think it's a way to express and show your interior.

In this blog , I will upload my favorite outfits and I'll talk about me.I love cats <3 They are so..so..Pretty! Therefore, I call to my web ''Fashion of a cute cat'' I have got a cat, it name's  Lucky because I found lost in the street.

This is my first look, it name is ''La mode reinvent toujours au Noir' I hope that you like it! You can give me a ''hiped'' in the widget of down n//////n



Here, a little from this look



















The Vintage its FREE :D

05.01.2012 23:23
Yeah, vintage is free, is cheap is FABOULOUS *__* Why I see this? I was findin' my headphones in the wardrobe when I found one old blouse really pretty.I think that belonged to my aunt..but..Im not sure...The blouse that I talk is ''Lights on Me'' blouse. 

Sun of Winter

05.01.2012 15:24
Yes, where I live, there're much sunny during all the year.All the year the weather its early the same.And I love it <3  Donde yo vivo, hay sol durante todo el año.Todo el año el clima es asi el mismo.Y me gusta <3 

Se ha lanzado el website

05.01.2012 14:51
Hoy hemos lanzado nuestro nuevo website. Explica a tus visitantes porqué has empezado una nueva presentación y qué beneficios les aporta. Comenta las ventajas y objetivos de tu proyecto. Intenta, brevemente, dar razones a tus visitantes del porqué deberían volver a visitar tus páginas.